Q: How do you ship the pen wraps?

A: I place your pen wrap in a padded shipping envelope and mail it USPS first class if you are in the United States, or USPS Air Mail if you are not. When I possibly can, I ship to you the day after purchase. I live in the country and stop on the way in or out of town at the Post Office, so depending on weather and timing it could take me a couple days to get your package out. If I am shipping to you outside the United States, also be aware that I will mark the Customs Form as Merchandise. My day job is the main one in our family and I can't afford to miss work by going to jail for a customs violation.

Q: What does "reclaimed" mean in the description of a pen wrap?

A: Clothes from Goodwill (like Oxfam), family members, friends -- all are fodder for my fabric stash. They are all washed in advance of use. I do sew with new fabrics; when I use a reclaimed fabric, the description of the pen wrap will say so.


Q: Do you take special orders?

A: For the time being, no. I regret having to put special orders on hiatus, but with the people already on my special order list - some waiting for many months - I feel guilty, and guiltier each time a new order comes in! It kind of diminishes the hobby and I know it is frustrating for those who are waiting. I will make an effort to include some of the features people ask for in pen wraps as I sew for the site, mainly extra divisions for more pens on some wraps, and wraps in subdued colors/patterns.


Q: How do you figure shipping cost?

A: In mid-2016, my cost for shipping to you outside the United States has increased dramatically so I have increased the charge for International Shipping from EXBPens from $6.00 to $9.50. It costs me more than that to ship to you (usually between 12.00 - 17.00 US), but I make up the difference myself. For domestic orders, I have added 25 cents per pen wrap; for international, 50 cents per pen wrap. If you live outside the United States, the makes your shipping $10.00. I don't like it, but can't afford to do it any other way.

The nice thing about a hobby is that I don't have to pass on the entire charge to you -- so if we share this increase, I keep your shipping as reasonable as I can, and I still make a few dollars with which to buy more fabric (and sometimes pens :) 

Q: How do I pay using Paypal?

A: I'm really sorry, but I do not run a business -- I am a hobbyist. The PayPal option for SquareSpace requires a business account with PayPal which I do not have. If you contact me I will do my best to get you the pen wrap you want and invoice you directly from PayPal -- or make you a custom wrap. That costs no more; it just takes longer : )